republicans for allred

  • "Make no mistake, I am still a committed Republican. But in Keith Allred I see a gifted leader and a great American with a strong love for Idaho. That's more important to me than adherence to a political party."

    Former Sen. Dennis Hansen
  • "It is not often enough that we find someone of such uncommon ability, objectivity, and energy who is willing to devote their scarce hours in this land to political public service and leadership. I believe that once you become acquainted with Keith, regardless of partisan affiliation or the lack thereof, you, too, will not want to let this opportunity slip away.”

    Former Sen. Laird Noh

  • "Keith Allred will be a great governor. He is consistent. Keith’s foremost endeavor for many years has been focused on having our leader’s actions reflect the goals of Idahoans."

    Sharon Parry
    Former Bonneville County campaign manager for Gov. Otter
    Post-Register January 29, 2010

  • "At The Common Interest, Allred worked successfully to increase the property tax break for homeowners and tie it to the then-rising costs of homes in Idaho."

    Rocky Barker
    The Idaho Statesman
    December 18, 2009

  • "Alas, it would truly be an unfortunate mistake for any Republicans to assume that Keith Allred is anything but an extraordinary candidate who would make a great governor for all Idahoans."

    Steve Parry
    former member of the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee

  • "He is an Idaho farm boy, with the experience, education, intellect and cooperative personality that are so desperately needed for Idaho today. I will proudly be crossing party lines this November and voting for Keith Allred for governor."

    Kirk L. Hansen
    Mayor, Soda Springs, Idaho State Journal, July 2010
As a Republican, Why Should I Vote for Keith Allred?

He supports lower taxes

Keith Allred believes in reducing Idaho’s tax burden by removing special interest tax exemptions that don’t make sense. The savings from this would go dollar for dollar into reducing taxes for all Idahoans, to give small businesses the jumpstart they need.

He supports strong schools

Idaho’s Constitution makes very clear that a primary role of state government is to provide “a general, uniform and thorough” system of public schools. Keith Allred believes in giving Idaho kids the good start they need to pursue the American Dream.

He has Idaho values

Raised as a fifth-generation Idahoan who worked on his family’s cattle ranches growing up, Keith Allred believes in the practical problem solving his family taught him. He is a sportsman, a family man and a concerned citizen.
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